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These songs were written many years ago and somehow I felt they were needed to be recorded.


released April 13, 2013

I am really grateful to everyone who has supported me over the years!

Recorded at Artist Factory Studios
Mix and master by Zoltán Cs. Szabó
Album art by Gidéo ( www.facebook.com/gideoo )



all rights reserved


the boy and the tele Budapest, Hungary

Simply a boy and a tele.

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Track Name: Nightclub

i never said those words
which you wanted me to say
i wanted you to love me
the way nature taught us
cause the words fly away
with their meaning
with no meaning...

and i saw your face
with the simle in your eyes
we knew what we wanted
i entered your thighs
i entered your life...

the smell of your skin
the taste of your sweat
when i kiss your neck i'm dying
from the pure beauty of your body
and i almost starting crying
when you touched my face
stroked my face...

and i saw your face
with the simle in your eyes
we knew what we wanted
i entered your thighs
and i gave you
i gave i gave i gave
i gave you all you wanted

and you were throwing me away...
Track Name: 8:17 AM
8:17 AM

just like questions
conquering thought, kicking our but
you turned to me and asked
'where are we now and please tell me how
did we got into this bed?'
i got up and said: 'oh fuck this is bad'
although i knew it wasn't so

and all the memories
we tried to look back and what has to be said
the worst thing was the best
we knew that we did what you thought that we did
so we knew what we had done
but acting like kids you were hiding your tits
and i was searching for my underwear

and i kissed you, i kissed you, my body was shaking
and you told me you, told me you allways will love me
and we went home to your place to your place to your place
and we made love we made love we made till the morning
Track Name: Untitled

we saw the clouds, they were running away
chased by the wind who only wanted to play
it was a game so simple and shy

you saw a flower being captured by bees
they were singing: 'daisy! let me in, please'
but only one could enter her house

i saw your eyes i saw the saddnes in them
i asked you why you answered: 'sure, yes you can'
but we still couldn't understand

we saw the trees they were stretching their back
to show the lake how huge branches they had
but the lake was only smiling on them

you saw an empty room with only a bed
you simply went their and you laid down your head
being tired from your weekend

we were standing at a lake holding hands
waiting for a cold brease giving this an end
but we still couldn't understand

and i saw you drowning in the darkness of this world
and i couldn't grab your hand cause i'm to week and burnt
and i was counting the seconds how much we had
i couldn't kiss your for the last time before our bodies are dead

but than a light came and saved us
Track Name: Waltzer (in Sweeden on the ice)

we were sitting next to each other
when i looked into your eyes
the blue colour of it reminds me of the sky

when you touched my face
with your smooth little hands
i felt like flying in heaven

i kissed you my love
my lips touching your ones
i gave you my heart
by holding you in my arms