you'll find your peace

by the boy and the tele

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Collection of songs from the last couple of years
Thanks for listening!


released January 21, 2016

I would like to thank my family and friends the most but I'm wholeheartedly grateful for all the people who have supported me over the years. The list would be too long and I don't want to leave out anyone but hopefully they know how much I appreciate their help

Guitars recorded at Artist Factory Studios with the help of Zoltán Cs Szabó
Vocals recorded with the help of my great friend Ákos (berriloom)
Mix and Master by the boy and the tele
Album art by Gidéo



all rights reserved


the boy and the tele Budapest, Hungary

Simply a boy and a tele.

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Track Name: i'm [not] sure
good morning monday
i hate to see you i wish you were tuesday
'cause then i only have to sleep one and it's wednesday
i watch a movie or don't and it's thursday
drinking starts and you realise it's friday
parties last late you find yourself at sunday
you missed a day called saturday
but it doesn't matter

because i feel like shit without you
Track Name: fingerprints
i didn't mean to scare you
but this is what i am
a broken glass in a nutshell
too tired of trying
things aren't the way we expect them
i almost lost my friends
your deamons are never sleeping
you should face them

this isn't all i want to tell you
probably the most i can
i know how much you miss her
you fucked up everything
but at least there's hope for someone
even if that is not you
'cause your deamon is yourself
you should face him

hide yourself from the sun

'cause everything is falling apart
if you let yourself down at the start
Track Name: anybody noone
hello my name is anybody noone
i came here from nowhere to tell you i'm done
done with the people the places and all
i can't find my home so i guess i should fall

sometimes they see me sometimes they don't
even you wouldn't recognise me 'cause i'm like a ghost
wonder through the old streets wonder through walls
the city's the one who knows me cause she knows everyone

emptiness and darkness are my new friends
at least i can trust them until the end
'cause i'm done with the people the places and all
i can't find my home so i guess i should fall

hello my name is anybody noone
i came here from nowhere to tell you i'm done
Track Name: u
there's no one else to tell me what to say
there's no one else to tell me what to do
there's no one else to tell me how to pray but you
Track Name: niminel
i'm getting up late i watch the sunrise alone
i eat my breakfast and check the time on my phone
i run down to the street i try to reach my bus
and i look at the people and see they gave up

so i look at the people i see they are sad
from the missed opportunities and the life they never had
and i realise suddenly that i'm just like them
someone i never wanted to be nor could understand

and i fly away with you
Track Name: suicide note
when all the equations you solved through your lifetime seem to be wrong
when all of your nightmares you thought they would come true eventually gone

breath in the water and swallow the air till there's nothing in your lungs
places get blury the tapes are in hurry you hate the taste of your tongue
blueish little lights dance with silvery snowflakes at the end of the day
tall, little buildings with yellowish earrings all dance in the hail

silver sky turning gold with pink eyes
the clouds are all red
purple pistols with drinking mushrooms and a bullet instead

she is not calling the phone doesn't ring

growing up means facing your problems